october beginnings

 I am amazed at the way consciousness has been feeling~ such a thriving state.   People facing their fears and having courage to step into something different.  Perhaps, it’s just a different way of being.

 I have been sitting with some answers to some bigger questions for a couple of weeks now. One that felt powerful was “What is your greatest fear?”.   I realized mine was not  r E a L L y***  living.  So as i slid into the equinox, and now past that moment of balance, I decided to start choosing differently.  Take the steps forwards. Remember gratitude. Play in nature more often.  and to relax.  Relaxation was not something I had visited in a conscious way recently.  And yet in this place, I found the stillness and peace I had been looking for. Amazing!  All of a sudden, my life felt restored to that magical way I knew so well before.   I listened to poetry in a kiva under the starry sky.  Built community.  Celebrated friends.  Loved more fully.  Honored myself by resting into a place of be*ing.  Received appreciation in a sweat lodge. 

west shore sweat lodge

I didn’t know how to start this blog, but kept hearing “just start!”.  Upon reading Pixie Campbell’s blog, Pink Coyote, I felt inspired.  She writes “I got a letter last night from the firetender at the sweat lodge I attended a couple of weeks ago. In it he explained that the work we most have to do for the Earth is on the inside of us. In my own words, it’s about shifting our perspectives.”  She elaborates and just has a great way of sharing her medicine* thank you***

 I hope that this will be a place to connect, share, and inspire people to go within to find their own inner wisdom ~ then take it into the world and PLaY* 

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  1. I’m trying my first sweat lodge on Sunday! I’m a bit nervous though!