getting in the flow

Everything in life has it’s certain flow.  Just look at nature.  I believe that part of healing is getting into our flow.  what makes us feel good.  and it is unique to each of us.   Part of being in your flow comes from within.  Listening deeply.  Knowing when to act and/or to take rest.  I know for me, one thing that has helped me find that daily flow and connection internally is yoga.  I find my athletics are more fluid and dynamic.  Productivity increases and there is an overall greater sense of balance to life.  After watching this video though, I think it’s time to take my yoga to a different level.  :)  This guy is amazing.  Check him out*  he’s got flow!

One Response to “getting in the flow”

  1. Lisa Mihevc says:

    Yeah, you might say this guy is IN THE FLOW. Amazing, yes.