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Sunday, February 26th, 2012
passion flower

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Monday, February 13th, 2012
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getting in the flow

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Everything in life has it’s certain flow.  Just look at nature.  I believe that part of healing is getting into our flow.  what makes us feel good.  and it is unique to each of us.   Part of being in your flow comes from within.  Listening deeply.  Knowing when to act and/or to take rest.  I know for me, one thing that has helped me find that daily flow and connection internally is yoga.  I find my athletics are more fluid and dynamic.  Productivity increases and there is an overall greater sense of balance to life.  After watching this video though, I think it’s time to take my yoga to a different level.  :)  This guy is amazing.  Check him out*  he’s got flow!

thinking outside the box

Friday, October 7th, 2011

This week I noticed how the universe kept me returning to present moment awareness.  It ReALLy* is so much more pleasant of an experience in this place.  Well, for me, anyways.  Less grasping. figuring. thinking. doing.  MOre space. openness. allowing.  It feels easier here 🙂  

Last night I read some of the shaman forecast.   There was a feeling of resonance when I read:

     ”What we need to learn is to be more present so we can fully embrace what is in front of us and then let it go with gratitude for the experience it provided. We need to learn to be less attached so that we can turn away from the old view and toward the new one with less resistance. We also need to learn to be more trusting and confident that the view we are creating that we are turning toward is exactly what we want and need. We need to face this view with confidence, enthusiasm and excitement instead of with fear.”

 It speaks about this sense of transition into all the spaces and places we have been dreaming into.  I take rest and comfort in that transcendent feeling.      How about you>>?       Letting go of all the old patterns that no longer serve you and re*create something new ~  It’s just something you can’t yet see.  Still off on the horizon.   how exciting!  I wonder if it will be something tangible or just a greater feeling of love in the heart and all things yummy, divine~

In what ways do fear and thoughts of limitation hold you back?  Is it your health?   (Remember: it is your WeALtH***)

I thought to share a story from a client of mine.  This 3 year old girl was diagnosed with Autistic/Aspergers symptoms.  She had inflammation in her brain, chronic gut infection, and more.  Rather than accept the diagnosis, her mom was open minded.  Perhaps the symptoms were just that.  Symptoms.  They used many alternative therapies/modalities and I had the opportunity to provide sessions.  Slowly and gradually she unraveled and now is overall doing phenomenal.  She even learned to swim in 2 days:) 

What box are you living in?  Whose thoughts are those?  What needs stillness for reflection?  What pattern needs to be released or transmuted or transformed?  What needs to be embraced ?  Who needs to be loved?  Maybe you are the medicine you need.  DIve in***

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